Pathways with Regional Outreach and Mathematics Excellence for Student Achievement in STEM (PROMESAS)

Project PROMESAS seeks to strengthen the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) student success pipeline and transform collegiate mathematics pathways for student retention and success. Project PROMESAS collaborates with regional K-12 educational partners and community colleges to develop and implement college readiness and transfer initiatives. At CSUCI Project PROMESAS collaborates with faculty, staff, and various departments to enhance student-centered academic support services. Key initiatives within and with our community partners include the STEM Service Courses; STEM Articulation Summits; Science Carnival; STEM Club; and STEM Pathways workshops. Central student support services at CSUCI include the STEM Success Integrative Learning Community, STEM Center, and Peer-Led Team Learning.

Grounded in an equity framework, within its five-year project timeline, Project PROMESAS aims to advance STEM student success outcomes—with a focus on Hispanic and low-income students—by:

  • Expanding equity and access to a STEM education
  • Improving the articulation of STEM courses with our two-year college partners
  • Increasing the number of students who enroll and successfully complete a STEM major
  • Refining student-centered academic support services to help students succeed academically in core STEM courses
  • Increasing the number of first-time freshmen and transfer students graduating with degrees in STEM fields 

Alignment to Grad Initiative 2025 Goals

  • Increase the 4-year and 6-year graduation rates for first-time freshmen majoring in STEM
  • Increase the 2-year and 4-year graduation rates for transfer students majoring in STEM
  • Eliminate the achievement gap for historically underrepresented and low-income students majoring in STEM

Alignment to CSUCI’s Strategic Initiatives

1. Educational Excellence

  • 1.2 Increase opportunities for students to engage with the regional community
  • 1.4. Ensure that all students experience multiple high-impact learning opportunities
  • 1.6 Expand on-campus employment opportunities
  • 1.10 Provide increased support for faculty development

2. Student Success

  • 2.1 Increase academic support for students in the first-year
  • 2.12 Seek opportunities for enhanced collaboration with community college partners 

Dr. Araceli Espinoza-Wade

Project Director

Sandra Birmingham

Associate Director, STEM Educational Outreach

Lori Knudson

PROMESAS Project Analyst

Alyssa Smith

STEM Student Success Coordinator

Elizabeth Villa

Community Outreach Specialist

Crystal Delatorre

College Readiness Coordinator

Dr. Cindy Wyels

Mathematics Pathways into STEM Activity Director

Home Department: Mathematics

Dr. Phil Hampton

STEM Student Success Pipeline Activity Director

Home Department: Chemistry

Dr. Selenne Banuelos

STEM Service Courses Faculty Lead

Home Department: Mathematics

Dr. Geoff Buhl

Enhanced Math Pathways Faculty Lead

Home Department: Mathematics