Project CYS

Project Channel Your Success (CYS)

Channel Your Success (CYS) is a multi-faceted program designed to unmask the inequities of the “hidden curriculum” of college and create equitable pathways to graduation. Project CYS will ensure that faculty, staff, and administrators have access to equity-minded practices to help students overcome barriers to timely graduation and ultimately channel their success at CSUCI. 

Project Channel Your Success seeks to accomplish this through 2 overarching activities focused on achieving equitable student success outcomes by advancing a culture of degree completion and through institutional capacity building cultivating equity-minded leaders for the success of all CSUCI students.

  1. Advancing a Culture of Degree Completion through the Channel Your Success (CYS) Student Success Campaign (SSC): Believe, Belong, Become; ASSET (Academic Student Success Excellence Team) Scholars; Enhancing Student Research (ESR).
  2. Cultivating Equity-Minded Leaders through Student Equity Analytics Data Liberation Project (SEA-DLP); Equity-Minded (EM) Curriculum Redesign Initiative; Equity-Mindedness (EM) Summits & Team Travel Grants.

Alignment to Grad Initiative 2025 Goals

Graduation Initiative (GI) 2025 is the California State University’s initiative to increase 4-year and 6-year graduation rates for all CSU students while eliminating opportunity and achievement gaps for HUGs. Each CSU campus, including CSUCI, has specific institutional goals related to the GI that it must achieve by 2025. This call to action emerged as a central theme throughout CSUCI’s institutional planning processes with a core focus on realizing our GI 2025 goals by ensuring that all students are empowered to channel their success. It is in this context that a campus-wide and inclusive team of faculty, students, staff, and campus leaders designed Project Channel Your Success.

Alignment to CSUCI’s Strategic Initiatives

  • Promoting Timely Degree Progression. Ensure all students progress to degree completion in a timely manner regardless of their background, particularly Latinx students & other HUGs, through structured opportunities to complete 30 credits every year to improve 4-year graduation rates & narrow equity gaps.
  • Promoting Educational Excellence. Ensuring that students graduate with the high-level knowledge, skills, & experiences necessary for career success, by expanding opportunities for undergraduate research across the curriculum.
  • Increasing Student Engagement. Expand on-campus student employment opportunities hat increase academic support for students in the first-year (e.g., proactive advising, peer mentors, financial aid/literacy), while simultaneously fostering leadership, critical thinking, & communication skills.
  • Developing a Collective Understanding of Equity & Inclusion. Foster a campus culture that celebrates excellence in equity & inclusion & advances a culture of degree completion, by engaging faculty, students, staff, & administrators in culturally relevant GI 2025 messaging & structured opportunities for related professional development.
  • Creating Clear Curricular Pathways. Provide timely access to student success data & analyze disaggregated student success data to equip faculty, staff, & administrators with the tools & training needed to identify barriers to completion & develop a campus-wide strategy to eliminate student equity gaps.
  • Improving Graduation Rates for Students from HUGs. Improve student persistence to graduation for students from HUGs, by providing increased support for faculty development that enhances the quality of teaching & learning resulting in equity-minded practices & more equitable student success outcomes.
  • Promoting Enhanced Operational Capacity. Leverage technology & expand culturally responsive practices that infuse inclusivity, from enrollment to graduation, allowing more time for people to engage in the activities that require human intervention.
  • Enhancing Faculty & Staff Development & Support. Expand professional development opportunities that cultivate diverse & inclusive leadership skills, enhancing faculty, staff, & administrator professional development to advance a culture of inclusive excellence.

Dr. Michelle Hasendonckx

Project Director

Monica Ocampo

Activity Manager

Nick Visnjevic

Student Equity Analytics Research Analyst

Tommee McMakin

ASSET Scholars & Student Research Coordinator

Meagan Chiaramonte

Project Specialist

Jose Alamillo

Faculty Activity Lead for Inclusive Excellence

Luis Sanchez

Faculty Activity Lead for Student Research

Lorna Gonzalez

Director of Digital Learning

Tadashi Dozono

Assistant Professor, English