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PEEP Position Descriptions:

University Culture Outreach and Engagement Mentor 

Channel Your Success Mentors

Hourly wage: $13.50/hour

Weekly hours: 10 on average, at times up to 15-20 hours

Purpose of the Position:

University Culture Outreach & Engagement Mentors (UCMs) and Channel Your Success Mentors serve as ambassadors at CI and in the community to promote educational equity through active outreach and engagement of students and their families by way of peer mentorship, workshops, and programming that promote a culture of student success.

Channel Your Success peer mentors will engage students across the university in peer mentoring focused on social transition to college by referring them to vital support services and increasing their awareness and engagement in university programing within majors and campus-wide co-curricular programming. Peer Mentors will lead student engagement campaigns that inspire students to make use of campus resources that support success and keep students on track for graduation requirements, advising, and career planning. Peer mentors work to facilitate student engagement in university culture/life.

In the community, University Culture peer mentors work to infuse a University going culture within Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, motivate, mentor and inform students about college pathways, raise awareness of the benefits of higher education, and provide college readiness support to students who are seeking a baccalaureate degree. In this capacity, the peer mentors will aid in the planning and implementation of University Culture events and marketing for the University Culture program delivered to high school students, community college students, and their families.

Job Responsibilities

Assist in the planning and implementation of and travel to University Culture events;

Knowledge of the University Culture website, college preparation content, and student academic success strategies; and

Tracking, reporting, and assessment of outreach activities including maintaining accurate hour, attendance and mileage logs.


Current CSUCI student

Flexible hours

Valid Driver’s license

Means of transportation

Excellent communication skills, both written and oral (fluency in Spanish preferred)


Effective communication with a variety of people, including, but not limited to; high school and college students, faculty, staff, guests, and parents/families.

Consistency and persistence in follow-up as well as creativity and willingness to take initiative.

Resourcefulness to acquire ideas for programming as well as assessment.


Attend all scheduled training and staff meetings when applicable.

Act as a liaison between students and professional staff members.

Encourage an environment of teamwork.

Assist professional staff with administrative duties and development of special events.

Serve as a role model and maintain a professional attitude with all partners.

Be flexible with schedules.

If you are applying to ONLY the University Culture Outreach & Engagement Mentor position:

Submitted to peep@csuci.edu:

  • CI Student Employment Application
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter

Submitted in an Online Survey:

  • PEEP Supplemental Questionnaire

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Embedded Peer Mentor


The University Experience Program (UEP) promotes the success of all CI students through courses that:

Highlight the four CI mission pillars (multicultural, international, interdisciplinary, and civic engagement/service learning);

Scaffold the learning of critical thinking competencies and multiple literacies;

Focus on the transition to university studies;

Embed high-impact learning practices such as learning communities, undergraduate research, and interdisciplinary learning; and

Employ faculty- and peer-support strategies.

EPM Working Title
Course Title
University Experience Associate
UNIV 150
First-Year Seminar
·UNIV 150 is linked to a GE course.
·Some sections include students who are in First-Year Experience Living Learning Communities meaning these students live in housing together.
Research Ambassador
UNIV 198
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research
·UNIV 198 is part of the Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship or SURF Living Learning Community.
·Students are enrolled in a block of courses and live in housing together.
University Navigator
UNIV 250
Second-Year Seminar
·Service learning and career and major exploration are the main focus of the UNIV 250 course.
·EPMs supporting UNIV 250 will collaborate and cross-train with Career Development Services.
Transfer Experience Associate
UNIV 349
Transfer-Year Seminar
·UNIV 349 is an intensive, upper division, academic writing course.
·EPMs supporting UNIV 349 will guide students in career exploration and academic readiness.

The UEP pools institutional support and external resources to provide a collaborative platform to bring together high-impact learning experiences for students in the following courses: UNIV 150 First-Year Seminar, UNIV 198 First-Year Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship, UNIV 250 Second-Year Seminar, and UNIV 349 Transfer-Year Seminar.

To learn more about UNIV Curriculum, please visit http://www.csuci.edu/islas/universityexperience/curriculum.htm#course.


The role of Embedded Peer Mentor (EPM) is to support the academic success of students enrolled in UNIV courses, as well as their success in navigating university life outside of the classroom.  In this capacity EPMs serve as: student leaders of the UEP, liaisons between their faculty partner and students in UEP Seminars, peer advisors and peer mentors, co-curricular learning community leads, and student support services specialists.

Each EPM will be assigned to support a UNIV course section and will co-facilitate student learning communities throughout an entire academic year. EPMs are expected to hold regular peer advising meetings with students, organize and engage students in co-curricular activities and events, and refer students to support services as needed or schedule time with their faculty partner to have services integrated into course sessions. EPMs will regularly engage in leadership and professional development opportunities to facilitate the development of skills needed to be successful in supporting their faculty partner and students.


EPM IN CLASS – Course Support:

Partner with faculty to support student learning and development;

Facilitate student success activities for one class session each week for 20 minutes;

Organize and potentially lead in-class workshops about student services on campus and learning resources;

Co-facilitate group work including reflections and activities;

Monitor student’s basic skills and make referrals to student support services;

Provide regular peer advising and mentoring to assigned students; and

Assist with course assessment and project evaluation activities.


Organize and facilitate bi-weekly meetings with UNIV students in smaller learning communities called Dolphin Interest Groups (DIGs) throughout the academic year;

The purpose of DIGs is to engage UNIV students in co-curricular activities, keeping them informed of campus life, providing referrals to on campus student support services, and delivering developed online mentoring services. DIGs attend campus events together, serve as a study group, and a place to check in on how courses are going. Students develop strategies about getting the most of faculty office hours, share effective learning strategies, etc. Student attendance at DIGs is mandatory if the UNIV course is in session.

After the UNIV course is no longer in session, DIGs are voluntary.

Information flow of calendar events:

Organize and share information about campus and community events with students;

Act as a liaison between students and the UEP;

Collaborate and cross-train with Housing and Residential Education professional staff and Residential Assistants (for those EPMs supporting a course that is part of a Living Learning Community);

Collaborate and cross-train with Career Development Services (for those EPMs supporting a UNIV 250 course);

Monitor academic progress of students;

Identify appropriate academic referrals for academic success;

Advise and mentor students during office hours;

Utilize office hours for class preparation and organization of DIG activities;

Conduct focus groups;

Track student participation;

Leadership development training for next wave of EPMs;

Assist with all UEP and Student Academic Success and Equity Initiative events;

Prepare presentations, present at, and attend local/regional/national conferences;

Meet regularly with UEP staff and assigned UNIV faculty partner; and

Respond to EPM email.



The EPM position is classified as an Instructional Student Assistant and is union represented. For more information, visit: http://www.csun.edu/sites/default/files/Inst_Student_Assistant.pdf.


Spring 2017 PEEP Training: up to 40 hours total during training week, planned for the week of May 22, 2017 – May 26, 2017. Attendance is required. Salary: $12.50/hour.

Fall 2017 PEEP Training: up to 40 hours total during training week, planned for the week of August 21, 2017 – August 25, 2017. Attendance is required. Salary: $12.75/hour.

Fall 2017 Semester Working Hours: up to 20 hours a week depending on course assignment during August 28, 2017 – December 28, 2017. Base hours are 12-16 per week. Salary: $12.75/hour.

Spring 2017 EPM Training: up to 20 hours total for a two-day training, tentatively scheduled on January 18 and 19, 2018. Attendance is required. Salary: $12.75/hour.

Spring 2018 Semester Working Hours: up to 20 hours a week depending on course assignment during January 22, 2018 – May 25, 2018. Base hours are 12-16 per week. Salary: $12.75/hour.

Additional Summer Employment Opportunity: Research Ambassadors supporting the UNIV 198 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research course will have an opportunity to work over summer for the Summer SURFer Research Opportunity Program.


Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.

Ability to work with students in person, over the phone, and through e-mail.

Creativity and willingness to take the initiative.

Ability to multi-task and make efficient use of time.

Ability to solve problems and make decisions on your own.

Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

Ability to contribute to a team-oriented environment.

Basic computer and software knowledge including experience with Microsoft Office.

Willingness to learn.

Service oriented.

Ability to speak Spanish is a plus.

Completion of UNIV 399 Peer-To-Peer Effectiveness Seminar is a plus.

To support UNIV 349 Transfer Year Seminar as a Transfer Experience Associate, transfer experience is preferred.

To support UNIV 198 First-Year Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship as a Research Ambassador, student research experience is preferred.


Be a currently enrolled CI Student.

Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA at the time of application and throughout the term of employment. If you do not meet the 3.0 GPA requirement, please provide an explanation in your Cover Letter included with your application.

Have the disposition and communication skills necessary to meet or exceed the position qualifications, above.

If you are applying to ONLY the Embedded Peer Mentor position or BOTH positions:

Submitted to peep@csuci.edu:

  • CI Student Employment Application
  • Resume – note if applying to support the UNIV 198 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research course, applicants must include a list of previous and/or upcoming research conferences.
  • Cover Letter – if you do not meet the 3.0 GPA requirement, please provide an explanation in your Cover Letter.
  • (2) Letters of Recommendation from Faculty – note if applying to support the UNIV 198 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research course, (1) letter of recommendation must be from a research advisor.

Submitted in an Online Survey:

  • PEEP Supplemental Questionnaire

(link: https://csuci.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bl1bVHfDuYS1Bxr)