Project OLAS

Optimizing Learning, Achievement, and Success (OLAS)

Project OLAS provides assistance to Ventura County high school students and their families in navigating the path to a 4-year degree. Through peer mentoring, OLAS supports students’ transitions to CSUCI. In addition, OLAS promotes student engagement in interdisciplinary undergraduate research, supports first-year living learning communities, and bolsters the sophomore-year experience through career/major exploration.

OLAS has eight overarching objectives that substantively and systematically address student success:

  1. Increase equitable participation in High Impact Practices (HIP)
  2. Increase graduation milestones, specifically the completion of General Education requirements
  3. Increase timely graduation among students participation in HIP innovations
  4. Reduce academic probation rates among OLAS students
  5. Increase the two-year retention rate among OLAS students
  6. Reduce the risk of academic failure
  7. Increase University readiness among regional secondary students
  8. Deepen the university culture at CSUCI.

The regional outreach component involves deploying CSUCI students as ambassadors to high schools to facilitate bilingual and culturally relevant college knowledge presentations. The Project’s FYE/SYE and Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research encompasses service learning experiences that get students into the community; the writing studio, a hybrid of classroom and individual tutoring; the student research initiative: and the learning/living communities.

Alignment to Grad Initiative 2025 Goals

  • Increase the 4-year and 6-year graduation rates for first-time freshmen.
  • Eliminate the achievement gap for historically underrepresented and low-income students.

Monica Ocampo

University Culture Pathways Activity Director

Betty Ortiz

OLAS Project Coordinator

Elizabeth Villa

OLAS Community Outreach Speacialist

Dr. Kaia Tollefson

HIP Faculty Fellows Lead

Home Department: Education

Dr. Luis Sanchez

Undergraduate Research Faculty Lead

Home Department: Sociology

Dr. Kathleen Klompien

SYE Faculty Lead

Home Department: English

Jake Castellanos

Career Pathways Assistant & Career Development Counselor

Oxnard Union High School District

School Migrant Education Programs

Ventura Unified School District Multilingual Multi-Education Program

Mixteco Indigena Community Organization Project

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