Mission and Values


Student Success and Equity Initiatives works collaboratively with students, faculty, administrators, and staff to facilitate student success initiatives that promote a culture of inclusivity and academic achievement. At CSUCI we believe in the students we serve. We are committed to fostering a culture where all students feel they belong by connecting them and their families to culturally relevant support services. Our faculty, staff, administrators, and academic peer mentors are here to help CSUCI students to forge a pathway to becoming graduates. 

We oversee division-level and institutional change initiatives that advance our purpose as a Hispanic Serving Institution and GI 2025 goals of increasing retention, promoting timely degree progression, and closing equity gaps.

Core Values


Invest in sacred space and time to nurture trust, respect and empowerment. Colleagues are those explicitly united in a common purpose and respect each other’s abilities to work toward that purpose. We achieve our shared goals by trusting one another to manage differences professionally and by engaging in productive and mutually respectful work relationships and behaviors.


Be open and transparent, but also take ownership of ideas/issues/mistakes. Engage in direct and productive conversations around ideas and difficult issues. When confidentiality is needed, it will be clearly stated.

Effective Communication

Be a clear and careful communicator. Practice professional communication with all levels of employees at CSUCI and with the SASEI team and partners. Understand when decisions require consultation, must be deferred, and when decisions can be made within the scope of your responsibilities/position.


Foster collaboration and teamwork. Commit to raising questions and expressing concerns at meetings, but also to carrying out decisions and action plans when agreements are reached.


High Quality Performance

Recognize and reward good work. Value and appreciate each other’s contributions. Hold one another accountable for delivering against individual performance plans and against departmental strategic goals.

Collective Impact

Strive for shared goals. Make consistent contributions that help the SASEI team to achieve collective results. Engage in proactive feedback. Hold each other accountable for being fully prepared to contribute at meetings, engage in meetings (i.e., no texting or emailing, or multitasking unless otherwise agreed to), and to follow through with action items in a timely manner.